Insurance Needs

International SOS


Through Emory's medical and security assistant provider, International SOS, faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel (Emory business, study abroad, research, etc.) now have emergency evacuation and medical insurance while traveling overseas.

This is emergency medical insurance offered by Emory University where services and coordination of benefits are initiated by contacting International SOS. A separate medical card is not needed for proof of coverage, only your International SOS card (available here) and membership number #11BYSG000003.

For all medical incidents, please ensure International SOS is contacted immediately. Learn more about International SOS here, and view the International SOS card here to find international contact numbers and the QR code to download the International SOS Assistance app. 

Travelers should maintain their primary health insurance policy while traveling, in addition to being familiar with its global benefits and coverage for care outside the US. Learn more about international coverage under the Emory employee health plans

Faculty, staff and students traveling internationally on Emory business or sponsored programs can be reimbursed up to a maximum of $2,000 for incurred COVID-19 quarantine costs. Documentation will be required, therefore keep all receipts. Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Insurance Services to receive the claim form to request reimbursement.

Evacuation Services

Faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel are provided emergency medical, security, and natural disaster evacuation services through International SOS

Emory's International Package Policy

Employees traveling on behalf of the university are protected under Emory’s International Package Policy, which covers Worker’s Compensation, Auto, General Liability, and Property. Learn more about coverage and exceptions on the Emory Travel website.


For Emory-affiliated health practitioners, please contact your departmental chief business officer and Kevin Wysner to discuss the particular requirements for your planned activities in a foreign country. Emory’s insurance program provides international general and professional liability insurance to employees and students while acting within the scope and course of their employment or enrollment at Emory. Please review this guide prepared by the Office of Risk and Insurance Services for the circumstances under which Emory’s liability program provides coverage. 

Workers' compensation

Worker’s compensation insurance is dependent on several factors, such as the length of time an employee or contractor is working on location each year. Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Insurance Services regarding the variety of staff working on your international project to ensure that you meet the appropriate insurance coverage for each of them.


For vehicles purchased, leased, or rented in a foreign country, drivers must purchase local auto insurance covering collision and comprehensive damage to the vehicle and liability coverage for injury or property damage to third parties. Emory will pay for or reimburse you for international car rental insurance if you are on university business overseas. Learn more about what is required for Emory drivers renting cars overseas on the Emory Travel website.  

Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Insurance Services to discuss your specific international vehicle insurance needs. Arranging new coverage may take several weeks, so please plan accordingly.


Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Insurance Services to discuss any real estate owned or leased by a program in a foreign country and the necessary property insurance requirements.

Other local insurance requirements

Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Insurance Services before beginning a global program to determine any local or international insurance requirements needed for your particular activities or assets.