International Travel Resources

Emory Travel Contacts

Travel Agency Contact Information:

Please reach out to the relevant travel agency directly for any issues related to booking or changing flights or other reservations. 


  • Speak with a travel agent about a new or existing reservation
  • Speak with the CTM Technical Support team for technical support with online bookings

Sequel Travel (formerly Maupin)


Please see more detail on these vendors below.

Questions about Emory's travel agencies, requesting travel-related exceptions to Emory policy, setting up CTM travel profiles

The Emory Travel team (located in the Procurement division of Emory Finance) manages Emory's relationship with its travel agencies and can gladly help you navigate any questions or issues related to working with these agencies. They can also assist with setting up travel profiles in the CTM system as well as reviewing travel-related exceptions to Emory policy (such as airfare upgrades).

Questions about general travel planning and travel safety

Contact members of the Global Services team listed below to discuss travel planning as well as travel safety resources available to Emory travelers.

Emory travel vendors

Three travel vendors are available to the Emory community when booking air travel and other travel services (hotels, rental cars, train tickets, etc.): CTM, Sequel Travel (formerly known as Maupin Travel), and Cadence.

Please note: these vendors are managed by Emory Travel, which is housed in Emory Finance. Pamala Phelps is the Emory Travel lead. Navigating to the Emory Travel page may require login with your Emory credentials, and you may need to login and try the link a second time to view the Travel webpage. 

Please contact Emory Travel with any questions about Emory's travel vendors. 

When selecting a travel vendor, keep in mind that CTM is the only travel vendor that is direct-bill compatible (i.e., pay with a Speedtype). When booking with Sequel Travel and Cadence, a credit card is required for booking.

When you purchase your plane ticket through an Emory travel agency, your air itinerary is automatically registered with International SOS as a benefit to Emory travelers. However, if you arranged for your hotel accommodations separately from an Emory travel agency, or if your airfare was booked outside of an Emory travel agency, please upload your itinerary to International SOS via "My Trips" before your departure (find a user guide for My Trips here). If your travel plans change during your trip, please upload your new itinerary immediately.

There are no Emory University / Procurement restrictions on any these approved travel agencies, but Schools or Departments may restrict which agency is available to a traveler.


CTM Portal

  • Book flights, reserve rental cars and hotels through online portal or with agent
  • Travel details upload to International SOS
  • Pay by Speedtype or credit card/corporate card
  • Manages Emory's travel discounts with area hotels, rental cars, etc. 


Please note, this information is designed as a reference or starting point for evaluating the best agency for your travel needs. There may be additional fee categories or details for the respective agencies not listed here. Fee chart updated September 9, 2022. 

  • Self-Service (Online): $8.00
  • Agent-assisted (initiated as self-service): $20.00
  • Canceled online bookings prior to ticketing: $8.00
  • Agent-assisted domestic: $27.00
  • Agent-assisted international: $40.00
  • Car/Hotel only itinerary: $8.00
  • After hours/emergency services: $25.00 
  • After hours/emergency services outside of 72hrs of departure: $40.00


 Agent-assisted travel (for agent assistance with a new or existing reservation)

CTM Technical Support (for technical support with online bookings)

For an agent contact list and assistance with group travel, find the CTM Agent List under "Links" in the CTM Portal.


Maupin is now Sequel Travel. Going forward, travelers will receive communication from Travel advisors from Sequel Travel. Continue to email or call your main point of contact, and requests will be handled within two hours.


  • Small woman-owned business classification (can be important for grants)
  • Travel details upload to International SOS
  • Payment by corporate card, agent-assisted booking only


Please note, this information is designed as a reference or starting point for evaluating the best agency for your travel needs. There may be additional fee categories or details for the respective agencies not listed here.

  • Air ticketing: $29.50
  • Rail reservation: $29.50
  • Refunds/exchanges: $29.50
  • Car/hotel only: $10.00
  • After-hours support: $15.00/call


Contact: E: | P: 919-821-2146

Create Maupin Traveler Profile


  • Ideal for complex international travel
  • Travel details upload to International SOS
  • Payment by corporate card, agent-assisted booking only


Please note, this information is designed as a reference or starting point for evaluating the best agency for your travel needs. There may be additional fee categories or details for the respective agencies not listed here.

  • Full-Service Ticket Fee (Domestic/International): $35.00 per ticket issued, new or exchange, including refunds
  • Full-Service Car/Hotel-Only Booking Fee: $20.00 per booking
  • Full-Service Car Service Fee (black car/limo): $35.00 per booking
  • Air Ticekt Void Fee: No additional fee
  • After-Hours Emergency Service: $35.00 domestic/international, per call or per reservation


Cadence Travel - Emory University e-VIP travel program

E: | P: 858.551.3000

Complete traveler profile

Hotel and Rental Car Discounts

Emory’s discounts for Atlanta-area hotels can be accessed through Emory's travel agencies. When searching Atlanta-area hotels, discounted properties will appear as "Preferred Hotel for Emory University" in the CTM system.

Emory has two preferred car rental vendors in Emory Express: Enterprise and National Car Rental. Both companies have global reach and may serve your destination. You can book your rental car through Emory Express, or through Emory's travel agencies.

When traveling abroad, you must purchase the car rental company's insurance if you are on Emory business outside the US. It should include liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for damage to the rented vehicle. Emory will pay for or reimburse you for international car rental insurance. Please review our global road safety tips if you plan to drive a vehicle in a foreign country.

Travel Checklist and Resources

  1. Review the Emory Travel Policy, 2.90.
  2. Contact Alma Reynal Quintanilla in Global Safety and Security, for a 30-minute briefing on safety, security, and an overview of the resources available to Emory travelers. 
  3. Book airfare through an Emory-approved travel agency (CTM, Sequel Travel, or Cadence) after obtaining necessary departmental approval for your travel. Before booking, review information on paying for your travel. You should also read Emory’s sponsored program travel information if applicable.
  4. Obtain any necessary visas or permits for your destination. Ensure your passport is valid for the length of time required for a visa (often six months after your planned departure from your destination).
    • For faculty, staff or students traveling abroad who would like assistance in obtaining a visa, visa services like CIBT Visas include additional fees but can be worth the investment for supporting a successful visa application. You may also be able to apply directly through a consulate in Atlanta. See a list of consulates in Atlanta. If you have questions about using CIBT or other visa services, please reach out to Global Services at 404-727-9127.
    • Depending on the type of work you will be performing, additional permits may be required by the host country. Please contact the Office of General Counsel or Emory’s IRB office to determine if your trip will require any additional permits or licenses.
  5. Book accommodations. Emory's travel vendors can assist with booking accommodations around the world. 
  6. Review immunization needs well in advance, allowing enough time for certain vaccines to take effect. The CDC website is a useful resource for reviewing the possible vaccines needed. Please visit your physician or Emory’s TravelWell Clinic to speak with a travel health professional regarding your itinerary. Review how your insurance will respond to an international health event. Learn more about insurance.
  7. Register your travel with International SOS so that Emory can locate and assist you in case of an emergency. When purchasing your plane ticket through Emory’s travel agencies, your air itinerary is automatically registered with International SOS as a benefit to Emory travelers. However, if your airfare or hotel accommodations were booked outside of Emory’s travel agencies or if your travel plans change, please upload your itinerary before your departure.
    • Put the International SOS Assistance app on your phone (QR code to download found on the International SOS card).
    • Request an International SOS medical and/or security briefing to plan for your trip. See details for contacting International SOS for a briefing here
    • Effective Fall 2022, Emory faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel have emergency medical insurance, as well as access to emotional support services through International SOS. Learn more about these benefits here
  8. Review the U.S. State Department’s traveler’s checklist prior to departure.
  9. Review considerations for technology and data
  10. A liability waiver must be signed by any student embarking on Emory-sponsored travel abroad. If your program does not already have a program-specific waiver that has been reviewed and approved by Emory’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC), the form found at the link above can be used. Any changes made to this form, beyond filling in trip-specific information in the blanks provided, must be submitted to Global Services. This form is updated periodically, so please check back whenever planning a new trip. Completed waivers should be provided to an appropriate administrative official at the student’s school.
  11. Review Emory’s international package policy and determine if you need any additional insurance coverage.
  12. Plan for Atlanta airport parking or ground transportation. You can access Park and Fly discounts through the CTM portal
  13. Arrange local ground transportation at your international destination. Emory’s travel agencies may be able to help you book ground transportation at your destination. If you plan to rent a car, you can work through Emory's travel agencies, or reserve a car directly through Emory Express with Enterprise or National Rental Car, if car rental is available at your destination. If you will rent a car, please review Emory’s instructions on rental car insurance – outside of the US and Canada, employees should purchase rental car insurance. 
  14. Prepare for your financial needs while traveling. Notify the bank of your travels to avoid having your account frozen for suspected fraudulent activity for both your personal and corporate cards. Cash advances are available in certain travel circumstances. View tips on finances abroad.
  15. Review Emory’s guidelines for international research and ethics.