Hosting a Fulbright Scholar

Administrative Guide to Hosting Fulbright Scholars

The Fulbright program is one of the most prestigious awards for faculty. Receiving a Fulbright grant to come to Emory is an honor, and it is important that Emory does everything it can to make the scholar feel welcome. These guidelines detail the administrative steps to enter the scholar into the Emory system.

Please note, the hosting department’s job does not end when the scholar arrives on campus. It is important to remain involved with the scholar throughout their stay by inviting them to scholarly talks, campus events, and arranging social activities with members of the department and in the Emory community. Maintaining frequent contact with visiting scholars throughout their stay will help ease their transition, foster a productive working environment, and create a positive experience at Emory.

Before the Scholar Arrives at Emory University

1) Institutional Response Form – Once Fulbright makes a possible placement for a visiting scholar, Fulbright contacts the faculty host and Emory’s Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives to confirm the placement via the Institutional Response Form (IRF). The email from Fulbright includes general information for the faculty and for the departmental administrator. Kelly Richmond Yates will sign the IRF and return it to Fulbright. Once the IRF has been submitted, the departmental administrator should start completing steps #3-5.

2) Visa Documentation – Unlike many other visiting scholars, Fulbright sponsors the scholars and issues their US visa documentation. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is not involved since Emory is not their immigration sponsor. No request in the ISSS Link is required.

3) Load the Scholar into the Emory Pre-start System – After the IRF has been submitted, the departmental administrator should be in contact with the scholar and pre-start the scholar into the Emory HR system. You will need their full name, date of birth, and hire date. For other fields, use the following table as a guide:

Fulbright Pre-start Guide
  • Social security number: Check the box for “Non-resident alien with no SSN” The system will auto-generate a dummy SSN; the number always leads in zeros and ends in four digits, i.e. 000-00-1234
  • Person type: NOC – Volunteer – No Pay
  • Regular/temporary: Temporary
  • Benefits eligibility: Ineligible
  • Department: Enter the hosting department
  • Job code: Visiting scholar (9318)
  • Supervisor: Enter the name of the manager. Note: this individual will have to login and approve the pre-start and eHRAF paperwork.

Visiting Fulbright scholars will not be paid by Emory. As such, there is no need to complete the I-9 verification. The pre-start form will also ask about proximity card access for the visiting scholar. Please determine to which university building(s) the scholar will need access. Provide the appropriate Speedtype to cover the nominal cost of the proximity card.

4) Scholar Completes New Hire Orientation – It is important that new scholars go through the formal orientation process at Emory. It will help facilitate their arrival on campus. Departmental administrators or faculty hosts should direct scholars to the orientation website, once they have been pre-started. Fulbright scholars are provided health insurance through Fulbright, but can purchase additional coverage if needed. Contact Christy Grant in ISSS for assistance with additional coverage.

5) Enter an eHRAF to Load the Scholars into the HR System – Once the scholar has been pre-started, the departmental administrator should enter a new hire eHRAF. You will need their full name, address, sex, date of birth, marital status, highest education level, ethnic group, and contact information. Use the following information as a guide:

Fulbright eHRAF Guide
  • Social security number: Use the same SSN as dummy from Pre-Start
  • Job code: Visiting scholar (9318)
  • Employee Type: Salary
  • Employee Class: WO Comp
  • Job Indicator: Not Applicable
  • Action: Hire
  • Reason: Temporary
  • Status: Regular/Temp: Temporary
  • Standard Hours: .4
  • FTE: 0.01
  • Benefits Eligibility: BENNOTREQ
  • Comp Rate: 0
  • SmartKey (Speedtype): Department default
  • Effective Date: Date the scholar will start
  • Financial Responsibilities: No

6) Facilitation of Emory Email and Login – With the scholar now fully entered into the Emory HR system, the scholar should now be eligible for an email account and Emory login. It is the departmental administrator’s responsibility to confirm with the scholar that they have received their email account and Emory login.

7) Prepare the Scholar to Arrive – This process is less formal but requires initiative from the hosting department to ensure a smooth process and warm welcome. Faculty hosts and departmental administrators should provide resources about possible housing options while on campus. The Global Services website has suggested housing information for hosting short-term and long-term visitors. It is the responsibility of the hosting department to communicate with the scholar and be sure that housing is arranged and confirmed.

Scholars may need the host department’s guidance or assistance with issues such as:

  • Securing a bank account, driver’s license and social security card
  • Transportation options during stay and upon arrival (including public transport, university shuttles, and rental cars)
  • Health insurance for dependents, if necessary
  • School registration for dependents, if necessary
  • Other campus life resources

Once the Scholar Arrive on Campus

1) Contact ISSS/GSI to Inform of Scholar’s Arrival – Contact Kelly Richmond Yates in GSI to inform the GSI and ISSS offices that the scholar has arrived without incident.

2) Scholar Attends ISSS-Led Scholar Orientation – While ISSS is not the immigration sponsor, the information covered in ISSS new scholar orientation will be helpful as the Fulbright visiting scholar arrives on campus. These orientations are held twice weekly and are optional for Fulbright scholars. Contact Christy Grant in ISSS for more information.

3) Facilitation of Emory Card and Library Access – Upon arrival on campus, the departmental administrator should direct the scholar to the Emory Card office to receive their Emory Card. 

4) Resolution of Problems and Issue – Fulbright scholars should work out any Emory-related issues with their departmental administrator. If problems cannot be solved at the departmental level, please contact Christy Grant or Kelly Richmond Yates for additional help. Scholars should be referred to their Fulbright advisor (noted on their DS-2019) if they need authorizations, travel endorsements, or issues related to their J-1 status.

Once the Scholar Departs Campus

Terminate the Scholar’s record from the HR System – The scholar’s record can be terminated via another eHRAF once they are no longer on campus. This will close out their record at Emory. Please contact Kelly Richmond Yates when the scholar’s program ends or ends early.