Travel Reimbursement

Before you travel

  1. Please review Emory's travel policy, 2.90 before your international trip to see which expenses can be reimbursed.
  2. Review the ways you can pay for your travel.
  3. Make note of the receipts you will need to save while traveling (under "Receipt Requirements" in the Travel Policy). 

Please note, pre-travel expenses (airfare, conference registration) will likely need to be reconciled ahead of departure.

When you return

To receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses during your travel or to pay your corporate card, complete an online expense report in Compass.

Expense report instructions

Corporate Card transaction reconciliations

Expense reports questions? Email

Long-term travelers

Per policy 2.90, long-term travelers are not exempt from the expense reporting and documentation requirements for Corporate Card purchases. Travelers are encouraged to make arrangements (i.e. scanning, photographing and emailing receipt images, mailing, etc.) to ensure that a copy of the receipt is provided to the Cardholders Proxy to meet policy deadlines.

Travelers may wish to employ per diem, as allowable, in lieu of actual expenses. Per diem is allowable for international business travel or domestic travel in excess of 7 days / 6 nights. Emory policy states that travelers should not use the corporate card for per diem meals and, with rare exception, travelers should not elect to use per diem during international conference travel.

Review guidance for long-term travelers, receipt requirements, and per diem in the Emory travel policy 2.90.