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Emory contracts with International SOS to provide security and medical evacuation services, and a variety of online health, safety, and security resources for the university community traveling abroad on university business or sponsored activities.

Beginning Fall 2022, Emory faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel (Emory business, study abroad, research, etc.) now have emergency evacuation and medical insurance, as well as access to emotional support services, while traveling overseas. See more on these new benefits below.

Registering with International SOS

When you purchase your plane ticket through an Emory travel agency (CTM, Maupin, Partners Travel Management), your air itinerary is automatically registered with International SOS as a benefit to Emory travelers.

However, if you arranged for your hotel accommodations separately from an Emory travel agency, or if your airfare was booked outside of an Emory travel agency, please upload your itinerary to International SOS via "My Trips" before your departure (find a user guide for My Trips here). If your travel plans change during your trip, please upload your new itinerary immediately.

Services offered

International SOS can assist in the trip planning process by providing detailed in-country information such as travel warnings, cultural information, and medical alerts. International SOS also provides travelers with a safe way to store all necessary documentation while traveling overseas. Once abroad, International SOS can help you with translators and interpreters, lost document assistance, ground transportation and accommodations for accompanying family members, and emergency personal cash advances.

International SOS also provides detailed travel health and safety briefings, by phone or email.

Effective Fall 2022, Emory faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel (Emory business, study abroad, research, etc.) now have emergency medical insurance, as well as access to emotional support services, while traveling overseas.

Emergency evacuation and medical insurance

Faculty, staff, and students on Emory-sponsored international travel are provided emergency medical, security, and natural disaster evacuation services as well as emergency medical insurance through International SOS.

This emergency medical insurance is offered by Emory University where services and coordination of benefits are initiated by contacting International SOS. A separate medical card is not needed for proof of coverage, only your International SOS card (available here) and membership number #11BYSG000003.

For all medical incidents, please ensure International SOS is contacted immediately. Learn more about International SOS and find the link to download the International SOS app here.

Travelers should maintain their primary health insurance policy while traveling, in addition to being familiar with its global benefits and coverage for care outside the US. Learn more about international coverage for the Emory health plans here

View the details of this emergency evacuation and medical insurance program here, and if you have any questions about this new benefit, please contact Kenya Casey, Director of Global Safety and Security. 

Emotional Support

Emory's International SOS membership now includes emotional support services for faculty, staff, and students traveling on Emory-sponsored international travel.

International SOS emotional support services assist students, academic researchers, faculty members or employees in dealing with any psychological issues while they are away on a study trip and for which short-term counseling is appropriate.

International SOS has selected WorkPlace Options – the world leading employee wellbeing company - to provide emotional support services as part of a global wellbeing program.

Accessing emotional support services is easy:

  • Simply contact International SOS, and they will transfer you to a professional counselor from WorkPlace Options.
  • All calls begin with an assessment delivered by one of WorkPlace Options’ professional Mental Health counselor, which determines the appropriate level of intervention.
  • The assessment covers the presenting issue, support systems, coping strategies, background information, and a risk assessment.
  • The outcome is a plan with up to 5 sessions of structured counseling that covers the short-term focus including goals agreed upon with the participant.

The therapy concentrates on helping individuals identify the skills, strengths, and resources that are already present and moves them toward a solution. Counseling methods are tailored to a mobile workforce: phone, video-call or face to face sessions are available.

Travel Briefings

To aid in the planning of a trip, Emory travelers can reach out to International SOS for a medical or security briefing anytime (preferably before travel begins). International SOS provides two types of briefings: medical and security. Travelers are encouraged to request both briefings, which are free of cost, and travelers may call and request follow-up information from International SOS any time.

Emory travelers can call or email International SOS for a medical briefing, security briefing, or both. Additionally, it is acceptable for employees not traveling (e.g., support staff) to request these briefings. 

Emailed briefings can be used to share with travelers or for program approval.

To request a briefing by email, send the following details to, subject line "Emory University travel, request for [medical & security] briefing: [Country/countries]"

  • Dates of travel
  • Purpose of travel
  • Number of travelers
  • Traveler Profile (What are the nationality of the travelers? Have the traveled to this location before? What is their travel experience - new, moderate, road warrior? Do the travelers speak the local language?)
  • City/cities
  • Country/countries
  • Local support (Will the travelers be visiting a local office/university? Will they be hosted by a local partner? Will a local partner provide support for transportation and accommodations?)
  • Places to visit (provide the name and address of the key places the travelers will visit, such as the hotel, partner office/university, other meeting locations)
  • Leisure travel (Provide information about leisure travel, if any, and the corresponding travel/transportation/accommodation arrangements)
  • Safe lodging (indicate what your accommodations will be, or ask for safe lodging recommendations)
  • Ground transportation (What arrangements have been made for transportation, including airport pick-up/drop-off plans. What transport will you use for daily transport? Do you want a provider referral?)
  • Medical risk information (indicate if you would like this information as well)
  • Add other questions as needed

To request a briefing by phone, please call International SOS at +1 215-942-8226 (you can find international numbers here). Indicate that you are calling from Emory University (you can provide the membership number as needed - 11BYSG000003) and state that you would like to request a medical briefing, security briefing, or both, for the travel destination(s). Request the case number associated with your call. This way, if you call back for a follow-up, your discussion can begin where it ended previously. You can also request the security/medical analyst send you an email summary of the discussion. 

Travel to Cuba

Emory’s Office of Insurance Services can provide International SOS Travel Assistance coverage documentation required for entry into Cuba. Please see the Cuba Travel Policy page for more information.


Kenya Casey

Director, Global Safety and Security


Office of Insurance Services