Types of International Agreements (MOUs)

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In collaboration with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC), the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI) has identified the major types of international agreements and categorized them into four categories: academic, research-related, gift/grant-related, and other. These categories can be split into sub-categories, as shown in the below.

While GSI does not directly manage every agreement type below, GSI can route you to the correct office no matter the agreement type. If you have any questions about where to start with any type of agreement, please contact Global Services

GSI-managed agreements

  • Academic: Study Abroad, Student Exchange, Joint and/or Dual Degree, Certificate or Seminar Program, Distance Education
  • Research: Research Collaboration, Faculty Exchange, Clinical or Practicum Rotations Abroad
  • Other: General collaboration agreements, Agree to agree/Joint Statement, Affiliation Agreement, Admissions Pipeline, Dual Appointment Agreements



Study Abroad

Study abroad program in conjunction with an international partner. Credits will transfer and be accepted by Emory.

Student Exchange

Reciprocal student exchange program with student mobility to and from Emory. Credits will transfer and be accepted by Emory and the partner institution.

Joint and/or Dual Degree

Program confers two separate degrees, one from each partner institution, or a single joint degree from Emory and the international partner.

Note: This agreement must be approved by the Substantive Change Committee and SACSCOC.

Certificate or Seminar Program

Faculty or school to deliver a certificate or seminar program at Emory.

Note: This agreement must be reviewed by International Student and Scholar Services and may need to be reviewed by the Emory Substantive Change Committee and/or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Distance Education

For-credit or certificate programs offered to students who are not located in the United States.

Note: This agreement may need to be approved by the Emory Substantive Change Committee and/or SACSCOC and may require foreign country legal approval by Department/Ministry of Education.

Secondary / Administrative

Housing Agreement

Housing provided by a university or organization associated with a study abroad or exchange program.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Individual providing services for academic exchange or study programs.

Rental Agreement

Emory purchasing or leasing real estate for a study abroad program.

Note: This agreement must be reviewed by Risk Management and Real Estate Services.

Research / Teaching


Research Collaboration

Collaboration on research endeavors with an international partner.

Faculty Exchange

Reciprocal faculty exchange agreement.

Clinical or Practicum Rotations Abroad

Emory professional or graduate students participating in an international rotation or practicum.

Agreement for a Single Faculty Member or Graduate Student

Project-specific agreement for a single faculty member or graduate student’s research abroad.

Clinical Trial Agreement

Emory faculty performing clinical trials to bring pharmaceuticals or other products to market.

Secondary / Administrative

Independent Contractor Agreement

Contractors to provide services for researchers, faculty, or graduate students that are administrative in nature.

Material Transfer Agreement

Transfer of tangible research materials between Emory and an international institution.

Note: This agreement must be reviewed by Office of Technology Transfer.

Purchase or Rental Agreement

Purchasing or leasing of equipment or property abroad for purposes of research and/or teaching.

Note: This agreement must be reviewed by Risk Management and Real Estate Services.

Sub-grant Agreement

Acting as a subcontractor for an external grant or project.

Note: This agreement must be reviewed by Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and/or Grants and Contracts (OGCA).


Gift Agreements

Emory receives a gift from a foreign foundation or enters into a formal gift agreement with a non-US individual.

Grant Agreements

International grant agreements that are routed through OSP. Note: This agreement must be reviewed by OSP, OCGA, and Global Services.


Agree to agree/Joint Statement

Usually signed ceremonially during a visit to signal cooperation and mutual intent.

Affiliation Agreement

Affiliation with an institution or university abroad.

Admissions Pipeline

Partnership structure to encourage admissions applications to a particular school

General collaboration agreements

May be required for research proposals.

Dual Appointment Agreements

Faculty to be dually appointed at Emory and foreign institution.

Secondment Agreement

Research or administrative staff with appointments abroad with 0% effort in Atlanta.