Establishing legal status

New programs that intend to conduct business in any foreign country will be subject to the host country’s legal regulations. Unless all business functions are through a partner organization, country-specific laws classify “conducting business” as including, but not limited to: opening a bank account, employing local staff, buying or leasing real estate, generating income, and operating on a long-term basis.

Please contact Mindy Simon in the Office of the General Counsel to ensure program activities are classified correctly and comply with local laws and Emory procedures around international work. The information below pertains to all international projects.

Obtaining host country legal counsel

If local legal counsel is required for program activity start-up compliance, you will need to include these costs in your program’s budget. The Office of the General Counsel is an important resource and can advise you as to the cost and frequency of local legal counsel needed for specific program activities.

Legal frameworks for partnerships

The Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI) maintains a database of Emory's international partnerships. Review our resources on partnerships to learn more about Emory’s existing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and for guidance on establishing new international agreements. 

Local research compliance

Local regulations on research and proper permissions for such work vary widely from country to country. Consult with Mindy Simon in the General Counsel’s office for guidance on the local legal issues and parameters around new proposed research programs.

Use of Emory’s name and logo

Please refer to Emory’s logo use guidelines before using logos in any international marketing or communications materials.