Store owner and project team member work together on a market survey.

Make the world your classroom

Emory students have access to international opportunities that cultivate a compelling student experience infused with global perspective by way of the Global Research Fellowships, study abroad, and the Global Internship Program - just to name a few. 

Even without leaving Atlanta, students benefit from global perspectives through a student body that includes over 3000 international students from more than 100 countries.  Students from all over the US and the world choose Emory for its culturally diverse campus and vibrant intellectual community. 

Use Your Resources

This award provides funding and a stipend for one academic year, with the possibility of a one-year extension for those wishing to complete a full degree program in Germany.

The Business and Society Institute at Goizueta Business School addresses complex challenges in Atlanta as well as global community contexts through academic discovery and purposeful action. Learn more about the institute's programming, including the Start:ME Accelerator Program, Grounds for Empowerment, the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, and the John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition.

The Emory College Language Center contributes to the fulfillment of Emory's commitment to international education by promoting the teaching and learning of languages as an essential component of the intellectual experience of students and faculty at Emory College.

The Emory Free Passport Initiative overs the costs of U.S. passport fees for a limited number of Emory students receiving financial aid.

The Emory Global Health Case Competition is a unique opportunity for Emory graduate and undergraduate students from multiple schools and disciplines to come together to promote awareness of and develop innovative solutions for 21st-century global health issues.

These scholarships provide students from across Emory and other universities located in LMICs with the opportunity to collaborate on global health projects with partner organizations located around the world.

The purpose of the Student Advisory Committee at the Emory Global Health Institute is to bring together diverse students with an interest in global health with the goal of fostering cross-disciplinary student networking and collaboration.

The committee is comprised of students from every school across the university.

In the Emory Global Health Student Photography Contest, Emory undergraduate and graduate students can submit photographs they take during a global health field experience in a low- or middle-income country. The contest aims to foster cultural sensitivity by encouraging Emory students conducting global health projects to examine the culture and people with whom they are working.

Global Student Travel Support aims to leverage opportunities for students to thrive in globally diverse settings, and contributes to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and policies that promote a climate of belonging.

The International Area Studies Team of Woodruff General Library develops information resources and provides library services to Emory faculty and students in various international area studies. The Team is formed by the librarians in African Studies, Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Middle East & Islamic Studies, Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and South Asian Studies.

The English Language Support Program in Laney Graduate School strives to provide high-quality language instruction to students whose first language is other than English and to encourage on-going and long-term improvement of speaking and writing skills.

This assistantship provides a stipend and travel expenses for one year as an English teaching assistant in a foreign country.

This award provides one year of research/study in a foreign country.

The Halle Institute for Global Research will offer up to twelve fellowships to support research outside the United States for LGS PhD students in the pre-candidacy stage. The program includes four research and grant related workshop sessions, in addition to the international research portion of the fellowship, organized by the Halle Institute for Global Research.

Journeys of Reconciliation is an interreligious immersion program, open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Emory University, that explores the root causes of conflict and builds relationships between Emory University and communities in the US and around the world.

Scholarship and financial aid resources for International Students

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship provides up to $80,000 toward education and cost of living expenses for students undertaking a two-year master degree program at Sciences Po in Paris, France. The David-Weill Scholarship is awarded annually to one American student who exemplifies the core values embodied by Michel David-Weill, including academic excellence, leadership, multiculturalism, tolerance, and high achievement.

The Emory Structured Independent Language Study program is available to students, faculty, and staff who need to study languages that are not part of the regular curriculum. Among the languages offered are Amharic, ASL, Bengali, Czech, Georgian, Greek (Modern), Haitian Creole, Indonesian, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Serbo-Croatian, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Twi, and Vietnamese.

In some cases, a fee may be charged.

The Travel Clinic provides consultation and vaccinations for students preparing for international travel on a reduced cost fee-for-service basis.

The Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship program offers American citizens of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in biological sciences, physical sciences, medical sciences and public health, engineering, computer science, psychology, biological anthropology, archeology, or musical studies.