Nomination Criteria for Creekmore Award

Marion V. Creekmore Award for Internationalization

The Marion V. Creekmore Award, established by a generous gift from Claus M. Halle, honors the work of Ambassador Marion V. Creekmore, who served as Emory University's first Vice Provost for International Affairs and as Director of The Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning. The award is given each year to an Emory faculty member who excels in the advancement of the University's commitment to internationalization. In keeping with the spirit of Ambassador Creekmore's work, the award seeks to recognize those who:

  1. In their teaching, scholarship, or work for the university significantly advance understanding of international and global issues at Emory.
  2. Concretely promote the recognition of Emory University in other countries of the world, carrying abroad examples of the work of Emory's community of scholars or of Emory's engagement with global issues.
  3. Give extraordinarily of their time and energy to organize or promote international events, visitors, or other cultural exchanges at Emory.
  4. Create new ideas, structures, procedures, or products that promise to eliminate international inequalities, to promote global cooperation, or to foster respect for human dignity throughout the world.

Recipients of the award are generally full-time Emory faculty. They are chosen by a selection committee composed of previous Creekmore Award recipients. Nominations remain in the pool for two years, though letters refreshing the nomination are welcomed.


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