Sheth Distinguished International Alumni Award

2022-23 Winner

Woo Taek Kim is founder and CEO of global media content company NEW and has executive produced over 25 movies, including Korean mega hits Miracle in Cell No. 7 and The Attorney. Woo Taek earned his MBA from Goizueta Business School (GBS) in 1990 and has been an active GBS alumni leader, hosting many events since his graduation. He and his wife, Mimi Han, an alumna of Oxford and Emory Colleges, are highly engaged supporters of the university.
Woo Taek Kim
Woo Taek Kim 90MBA

Goizueta Business School

2022Woo Taek Kim 90MBA
2021Lilly D'Angelo 89G
2020Henry Haipeng Zhang (Feng Tang) 00MBA
2019Mabel Magowe 08PhD
2018Do Mai Hoa 02MPH
2017Kwadwo Sarpong 15C
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2014Umesh Parashar 96MPH
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2011Josep Call 97PhD
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2008David Tkeshelashvili 06LLM
2007Shariffa Al-Jabri 98MS
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2004Hamish W. Taylor 84MBA
2003Eugenia Maria del Pino Ventimilla 72PhD
2002Hong Koo Lee 59C
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