Guidelines for Executive Travel Safety Committee Requests

Please see the Emory University Travel Policy for updated guidance on university-sponsored travel.

University-sponsored international travel by faculty, students, and staff fully vaccinated for COVID-19 may be approved by deans’ or executive vice presidents’ offices without vetting or routing through the Executive Travel Safety Committee (ETSC), except for undergraduate travel to countries classified a COVID-19 Level 4 or Unknown by the CDC*, which requires ETSC approval. Such travelers are required to sign a vaccination attestation and risk acknowledgement which they can obtain from their dean's/EVP’s office.

Faculty and staff not fully vaccinated 

University-sponsored international travel by faculty and staff not fully vaccinated for COVID-19 requires ETSC approval, which can be requested by submitting the information below to:

  1. The names of all proposed travelers and their Emory affiliation. 
  2. A description of the reason for the proposed travel.
  3. Itinerary information, including expected trip dates, planned destination(s), and anticipated activities.
  4. An explanation of why the proposed travel is essential and the steps taken to mitigate its potential risks.
  5. A letter of support from the relevant dean, executive vice president, senior vice president, or their designee.
Students not fully vaccinated or undergraduate travel to CDC COVID-19 Level 4/Unknown countries

University-sponsored international travel by students not fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or by undergraduates to countries classified as COVID-19 Level 4 or Unknown by the CDC* requires ETSC approval. All student requests should be submitted by the dean of the student’s school, or in the case of travel with a student organization, by the Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life and should include the information listed above in addition to confirmation of the dean’s support.

*CDC COVID-19 Recommendations by Destination

Additional Information

Additional information may be requested. Faculty should submit requests directly. Staff requests must be submitted by the applicable executive vice president or senior vice president, or their designee. 

If you have any questions about these submission requirements, please contact the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI) at 404-727-7504 or

Updated 2/18/2022