In 2014, a Global Strategy Development Taskforce and the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI), at that time called the Office of International Affairs, sought to refine Emory’s strategic global priorities. Three questions framed this task:

  • How can Emory prepare its students for success in a globalized world?
  • How can Emory achieve lasting and positive transformation in the world?
  • How can Emory and its community thrive in an increasingly globalized higher education landscape?

The strategy development process was as inclusive as possible: more than 400 individuals were consulted through direct meetings, stakeholder presentations, and surveys.

The resulting global strategy, published as the first incarnation of a living document, was released January 21, 2015. You can read it here.

Meant to serve as a blueprint for Emory’s global engagement, the strategy outlines initiatives designed to equip students to meet the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly interconnected world, empower faculty to lead and influence global scholarship and research, and position Emory as a university known for its global impact.

Emory’s global strategies are designed to be flexible in order to adapt to new opportunities and a changing geopolitical and higher education landscape. Like a traditional strategic plan, however, these strategies are rooted in a review and accountability structure to assess their effectiveness. GSI serves as the central hub of a shared accountability structure, coordinating with other offices, schools, and units to realize strategic initiatives. Some of the specific initiatives are owned by the units most involved in their implementation, yet remain accountable under the overall plan.

GSI and its partners have now spent over a year exploring the initial vision – implementing some pieces, laying the groundwork for others, and winnowing the remainder to deploy resources for maximum impact. For a full overview of the current state of each initiative, read through the updated global strategy.

Read the updated global strategy in full by starting at the beginning or clicking through the links below.

Table of Contents

Goal One: Equip students to meet the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly interconnected world

Strategy One: Recruit the most talented international students for Emory

  • Initiative 1 | Develop and launch an Emory Global Scholars program
  • Initiative 2 | Better integrate and immerse international students into residential learning
  • Initiative 3 | Create a campus-based global center that provides cross-cultural, globally oriented programming, and student support
  • Initiative 4 | Investigate options for better-coordinated ESL offerings

Strategy Two: Provide students with the experiences and skills to ensure future adaptability and success

  • Initiative 1 | Promote opportunities for global learning through study abroad and other international learning avenues

Strategy Three: Encourage and empower alumni to be global ambassadors for Emory

  • Initiative 1 | Enhance the Emory Alumni Association’s activity abroad to facilitate increased international alumni involvement, faculty engagement, and global visibility

Goal Two: Lead and influence global scholarship, research, and teaching

Strategy One: Select partners that magnify and expand Emory’s global activities

  • Initiative 1 | Seek strategic partnerships with foreign governments, universities, and other organizations that foster collaborative research and discovery

Strategy Two: Connect and lead globally through the production of knowledge and the direct exchange of ideas

  • Initiative 1 | Invigorate scholarship through direct faculty exchanges
  • Initiative 2 | Advocate for immigration policies that increase Emory’s ability to attract top talent
  • Initiative 3 | Support strategic conferences and meetings

Strategy Three: Empower faculty to address the opportunities and challenges of global work

  • Initiative 1 | Create a global engagement database
  • Initiative 2 | Launch a Global Services function to support the ability of faculty to work globally
  • Initiative 3 | Facilitate intercultural and linguistic training opportunities for faculty doing research abroad

Goal Three: Position Emory as a university known for its global impact

Strategy One: Accelerate global engagement through intentional action in priority locations abroad

  • Initiative 1 | Develop and implement country-based initiatives for strategic engagement, beginning in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, and South Korea

Strategy Two: Communicate Emory’s ongoing transformation into a university with global impact and reach

  • Initiative 1 | Rebrand the Office of International Affairs as the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI)
  • Initiative 2 | Promote the university’s international activities to increase recognition of Emory

Strategy 3: Facilitate and steward conditions for synergy among groups engaging in international work within the Emory and Atlanta communities

  • Initiative 1: Partner across Emory’s nine schools and associated units to further internal awareness of and opportunities for international collaboration
  • Initiative 2: Strengthen relationships with Atlanta-based diplomats, global NGOs, companies, and community groups