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Establishing legal status in Ethiopia

Emory is registered in Ethiopia with the Charities and Societies Agency. Because of this registration, any Emory program that intends to conduct business in Ethiopia must contact Global Services. The program will be subject to local regulations and may be required to register or obtain permissions from various ministries. Local research also requires the approval of an Ethiopian-based Institutional Review Board, similar to the Emory IRB process.

The term "conduct business" includes, but is not limited to, opening a bank account, employing local staff, buying or leasing real estate, generating income, or operating on a long-term basis (unless all business functions are through a partner organization).

If local legal counsel is required for program activity start-up compliance, you will need to include these costs in your program's budget. Global Services can coordinate with the Office of General Counsel regarding the cost and frequency of local legal counsel needed for specific program activities.


Chris Rapalje
Director, Programs and Services
Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives

Sarah Harlan
Assistant Director, Global Services
Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives

Mindy Simon
Associate General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel