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Business insurance in Ethiopia


For vehicles purchased, leased, or rented in Ethiopia, drivers must purchase local auto insurance covering collision and comprehensive damage to the vehicle and liability coverage for injury or property damage to third parties. Emory will pay for or reimburse you for international car rental insurance if you are on university business overseas.

Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk to discuss your specific vehicle insurance needs in Ethiopia. Arranging new coverage may take several weeks, so please plan accordingly.


For residents and scholars participating in the Emory School of Medicine's Global Health Residency Scholars Program who are observing practices at Addis Ababa University-affiliated hospitals and contributing to the medical education of AAU medical students and residents through didactic sessions, Emory University malpractice insurance is sufficient.

However, Emory's malpractice insurance is not necessarily sufficient for stays of six months or longer. To ensure malpractice coverage, please contact:

For all other Emory-affiliated health practitioners, please contact your departmental chief business officer and Kevin Wysner to discuss the particular requirements for your planned activities in Ethiopia.


Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk to discuss any real estate owned or leased by a program in Ethiopia and the necessary property insurance requirements.


For Emory employees, Emory's Aetna POS health insurance plan covers emergency care in Ethiopia, but pre-authorization is required otherwise. If you have alternative health insurance, please call and confirm international coverage. Emergency medical evacuation services are provided through International SOS. Please complete your Emergency Record in ISOS with information on an emergency contact in the U.S.

Workers' compensation

Worker's compensation insurance is dependent on several factors, such as the length of time an employee or contractor is working on location each year. Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk regarding the variety of staff working on your project in Ethiopia to ensure that you meet the appropriate insurance coverage for each of them.

Other local insurance requirements

Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk before beginning a program in Ethiopia to determine any local or international insurance requirements needed for your particular program activities or assets.


Kevin Wysner
Insurance Coordinator
Office of Quality and Risk