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  1. Book airfare through Emory's travel agency CTM after obtaining necessary departmental approval for your travel. Before booking, review information on paying for your travel. You should also read Emory’s sponsored program travel information if applicable.
  2. Obtain any necessary visas or permits for your destination. Ensure your passport is valid for the length of time required for a visa (often six months after your planned departure from your destination).
  3. Book accommodations. Emory’s travel agencies can assist in booking accommodations in many international destinations. You can also Chris Rapalje or Sarah Harlan in Global Services for additional information. See here for some specific resources in Ethiopia.
  4. Review immunization needs well in advance, allowing enough time for certain vaccines to take effect. The CDC website is a useful resource for reviewing the possible vaccines needed. Please visit your physician or Emory’s TravelWell Clinic to speak with a travel health professional regarding your itinerary. Consider obtaining health insurance that can be used overseas.
  5. Review the US State Department’s traveler’s checklist prior to departure.
  6. Register your travel with ISOS so that Emory can locate and assist you in case of an emergency. When purchasing your plane ticket through Emory’s three air travel agencies, your air itinerary is automatically registered with ISOS as a benefit to Emory travelers. However, if your airfare or hotel accommodations were booked outside of Emory’s travel agencies or if your travel plans change, please upload your itinerary before your departure.
  7. A liability waiver must be signed by any student embarking on Emory-sponsored travel abroad. If your program does not already have a program-specific waiver that has been reviewed and approved by Emory’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC), the form found at the link above can be used. Any changes made to this form, beyond filling in trip-specific information in the blanks provided, must be submitted to Chris Rapalje in the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives, who will obtain OGC review. This form is updated periodically, so please check back whenever planning a new trip. Completed waivers should be provided to an appropriate administrative official at the student’s school.
  8. Review Emory’s international package policy and determine if you need any additional insurance coverage.
  9. Plan for Atlanta airport parking or ground transportation.
  10. Arrange local ground transportation at your international destination. For assistance, contact Chris Rapalje or Sarah Harlan in Global Services. See here for some specific resources in Ethiopia.
  11. Prepare for your financial needs while traveling. Notify the bank of your travels to avoid having your account frozen for suspected fraudulent activity for both your personal and corporate cards. Cash advances are available in certain unique travel circumstances. Tips on banking abroad>>
  12. Review Emory’s guidelines for conducting research abroad.

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