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Air travel

Emory has two air travel providers that offer you and your department many benefits. The choice depends on your destination and how complex your travel needs are. BCD/Tbiz Travel is for your online booking and is best for non-complex travel. Maupin Travel is best when you wish to have an agent assist you with your more complex travel.


Maupin Travel offers accommodation assistance in many international destinations. If you are booking through Maupin Travel for your airfare, please consult with their agents for accommodation. BCD/Tbiz Travel's online booking tool offers accommodation choices as well.

For country-specific accommodation recommendations in Ethiopia, please see our country guide.

Ground transportation

These car rental vendors are international companies that may be available in some international destinations.

You must purchase the car rental company's insurance if you are on Emory business outside the US. It should include liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for damage to the rented vehicle. Emory will pay for or reimburse you for international car rental insurance. Please review our global road safety tips if you plan to drive a vehicle in a foreign country.

For country-specific ground transportation recommendations in Ethiopia, please see our country guide.


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