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Planning a global project

International projects can involve complex and unfamiliar laws and regulations, so planning and organization are key.

Designing these global programs strategically and ensuring accurate budgets, timelines, and work plans from the start will help new projects balance cost, schedules, and resources to be the most impactful.

We've developed an International Assessment Questionnaire (IAQ) to help those involved in global work think through the various administrative and business considerations their projects might involve. The questionnaire also helps identify activities that could require additional assessment under export control and related regulations.

The IAQ can be accessed here. Completed IAQs are received by Global Services and the Office of Compliance. You are encouraged to use the IAQ as early in the planning process as possible, even if all the details of a particular project have not yet been determined.

You'll find information on special considerations for global projects throughout the Global Services section of the site, but we particularly recommend you read over the pages on legal registrationinsurancelocal accounting and payroll serviceshiring local nationals, vendors, or partnersreal estate, and business etiquette. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback about the questionnaire, please contact Global Services:

Please don't forget to review immunization needs for you and your team well in advance, allowing enough time for certain vaccines to take effect. Please visit Emory’s TravelWell Clinic to speak with a travel health professional regarding your itinerary before you travel. Obtain health insurance that can be used overseas. 

Important note regarding program oversight

Programs operating abroad must have clear on-site operational managers and financial reporting lines to a particular principal investigator (PI) or administrator at Emory. Overseas projects should also undergo the same regular academic review as domestic programs. Each program should have a designated financial manager at Emory to ensure appropriate documentation of expenses for reporting purposes, oversee compliance with university financial policies, and guard against fraud. Programs that involve multiple departments are advised to give one financial manager ultimate oversight to avoid gaps or confusion in oversight responsibilities.

Ensure that faculty, staff, and students working abroad know how to report problems confidentially. Be sure that overseas staff employed directly by Emory are aware of the following resources:

  • Emory Trust Line, for reporting potential ethical, legal, or business conduct violations or concerns in a confidential manner.
  • Faculty Staff Assistance Program (for employees only), which enhances employees’ emotional and physical health, performance, and wellbeing.
  • HR representatives by department, for locating your HR representative based on the school or division that sponsors an overseas program.