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If you are booking intra-country or intra-continent travel from within India, you may need to purchase airfare directly from the airline rather than through Emory’s air travel providers. If you would like recommendations for carriers, please contact Sarah Harlan Zegeye in Global Services or Pamela Phelps in University Travel.

Air India (Star Alliance member) and Jet Airways (Delta codeshare) are two full service airline options. Other well-regarded airlines serving domestic and regional destinations are Spice Jet, Go Air, and IndiGo.

Cars and Drivers

Hired cars can be easily arranged with the concierge at major hotels. Be wary of solicitations for car hires while at airports or other tourist-heavy locations.

Self-driving cautions

It is not advisable to self-drive a rental car in India. For vehicles purchased, leased, or rented in India, drivers must purchase local auto insurance covering collision and comprehensive damage to the vehicle and liability coverage for injury or property damage to third parties. When renting a car in India, the fee typically includes a driver. If a driver is not wanted, most rental companies will require a large deposit up front, with the deposit forfeited in the event any damage is done to the car. Further, liability waiver and collision waivers are not easily available in India, and in the instance of any kind of accident with a self-driven vehicle, the renter is fully liable. With these considerations in mind, it is advisable to secure a driver when renting a car.

Car Rental

Hertz is one of the few international rental car companies that operate in India. As mentioned above, your hotel can help make arrangements or provide recommendations for a car and driver, and if you are working with local counterparts, they are an ideal first contact for choosing a driver. Several Emory personnel have had positive experiences working with Inspiration India in the past. You can contact Anup Nair to arrange a car and driver and other expediting services in-country. 

When renting a car, ensure your rental includes the cost of the chauffeur, fuel, and all necessary insurance. If auxiliary insurance is available at additional cost, Emory requests that you purchase all available insurance, as you will be reimbursed.

Keep in mind that some drivers may not be licensed to drive beyond their home state, and those that are may be required to pay additional taxes, which are likely to be added to your bill. When hiring a driver, it is standard for a multi-day hire fee to cover the cost of the driver’s meals and accommodations, and it is common practice for the driver or the company to make his/her sleeping and eating arrangements.

If possible, have the costs and details of your arrangement provided to you in writing. Fuel should be included in the cost of your trip, but if the driver asks for cash at a fuel station because he is short, request a receipt (formal or informal) for reimbursement later. If you are traveling by the distance (rather than hours or days), check the odometer before you leave to avoid confusion later.

Tipping is customary at the end of your journey.


The Taj Hotel Group manages 82 separate properties throughout India, ranging from luxury to holiday to business hotels. Please contact Josy Karaboladm, Director of Global Sales Southern USA, for preferred Emory rates.

Josy Karabolad
Director of Global Sales South America and Southern USA TAJ Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris
US Mobile Phone:+ 1 (470) 365 6288
Brazil Phone: + 55 (11) 3957 3993
Whatsapp: + 1 (470) 365 6288

Many US hotel chains manage properties in large cities in India, and most universities have associated guest houses and hostels for longer-term stays.

Tour Operators

Lonely Planet's reputable operators:

The following banks are recommended for personal use as needed, not for project accounts. If you need to open a project account, please contact Global Services.

Axis Bank
State Bank of India

Customs Clearing Agents and Cargo Movers

Emory does maintain a relationship with a customs broker through FedEx Trade Networks. You can reach out to Ann Freeman directly to explore options and pricing.

FedEx Trade Networks
Custom Broker: Ann Freeman 
404-684-2254 direct number
404-684-2241 main number
404-761-3711 fax

Shippers and Mail Couriers

DHL: US | India
FedEx: US | India
UPS: US | India
Shipping Biological Samples and Supplies


Global Offices
Contact: Email | +1 800 627 5361
Vendor is in Emory Express

World Courier

Global Offices:
Contact: Email | +1 800 221 6600 
Vendor is in Emory Express

Purchase Biological Samples and Supplies

VWR International Ltd. (VWR UK)
Please note this vendor must be activated in Emory Express for orders, and you can contact Procurement to activate the vendor and provide guidance for placing your order.


Major telecom providers are Airtel, Vodafone, or Reliance.

It is advised for visitors to purchase a SIM card for an unlocked phone in India. To buy a SIM card in India, you will typically be asked to provide a copy of your passport, visa, and passport-sized photos of yourself.

The most convenient way to purchase a SIM card is from the airport since they are accustomed to accommodating tourists. The next best option is to go to an official office of one of the top service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, or Reliance.

The actual SIM card should not cost more than 150 to 200 rupees and the average costs for calls, texts and data are as follows (approximately 67 rupees to US$1):

Local calls = 1 rupee/minute
International calls =approx. 7 rupees/minute
International texts =approx. 5 rupees/minute
3G data with Airtel = approx. 300 rupees/1GB
4G data with Airtel = approx. 650 rupees/1GB




Restaurants at the Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai 
Koncan Café  
Kala Ghoda Cafe 




La Patisserie at Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai 

Event Planners

Emory events in India typically take place in hotels utilizing in-house events teams. If you require an event manager for an activity outside of a hotel, and you do not have a local partner that can provide suggestions, please reach out to Global Services.