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Emory employees on university business have the benefit of Emory’s international insurance policy, which includes provisions for auto, workers compensation, and general liability. Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk before beginning a program in India to determine any local or international insurance requirements needed for your particular program activities or assets, as well as any gaps you may contend with in your coverage based on activities or other factors.


For vehicles rented in India, drivers must purchase local auto insurance covering collision and comprehensive damage to the vehicle and liability coverage for injury or property damage to third parties. When renting a car in India, the fee typically includes a driver. If a driver is not wanted, most rental companies will require a large deposit up front, with the deposit forfeited in the event any damage is done to the car. Further, liability waiver and collision waivers are not easily available in India, and in the instance of any kind of accident with a self-driven vehicle, the renter is fully liable.

With these considerations in mind, it is advisable to secure a driver when renting a car. When renting a car, ensure your rental includes the cost of the chauffeur, fuel, and all necessary insurance. If auxiliary insurance is available at additional cost, Emory requests that you purchase all available insurance, as you will be reimbursed.

Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk to discuss your specific vehicle insurance needs in India. Arranging new coverage may take several weeks, so please plan accordingly.


For Emory employees, Emory's Aetna health insurance plan covers emergency care in India, but pre-authorization is required otherwise. If you have alternative health insurance, please call and confirm international coverage.

Emergency medical evacuation services are provided through International SOS, and all Emory personnel (students, staff, and faculty) have the ISOS benefit automatically. Please note that ISOS is not travelers’ health insurance and should not be counted on as such. If you are interested in supplemental travelers’ health insurance, the US State Department has historically mainted a list of vetted vendors here. Please reach out to Global Services for questions regarding supplemental travelers' health insurance.

Learn more about how Emory health coverage works abroad here.

Workers' compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is dependent on several factors, such as the length of time an employee or contractor is working on location each year and the size of the company. Please contact Kevin Wysner in the Office of Quality and Risk regarding the variety of staff working on your project in India to ensure that you meet the appropriate insurance coverage for each of them. If you plan to be in India for an extended period of time (longer than three months), please also contact Global Services.

Kevin Wysner
Insurance Coordinator
Office of Quality and Risk

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Director, Programs and Services
Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives

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