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Travel reimbursement

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Before you travel

  1. Please review Emory's travel policy before your international trip to see which expenses can be reimbursed.
  2. Review the ways you can pay for your travel.
  3. Make note of the receipts you will need to save while traveling (under "Receipt Requirements"). Emory travel policy>>

When you return

To receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses during your travel or to pay your corporate card, complete an online expense report in Compass.

Expense report instructions >>

Expense reports questions? Email

Long-term travelers

If you will be traveling internationally longer than 10 days, please review the long-term traveler requirements for use of the Emory corporate card. If you will be a long-term traveler to a location with limited or no internet access and you plan to use your corporate card for travel expenses, make arrangements with a proxy in your home department to assist you in submitting corporate card expense reports within the required 10-day reconciliation period. If internet access will be difficult for transmitting photos of corporate card receipts to your proxy within 10 days of an expense, consider alternative methods of payment for travel expenses:

  • Per diem (located under "Personal Meals" in Travel Policy)
  • Travel advances 
  • Paying for large expenses via corporate card before travel begins
  • Arranging for hotels or other vendors to automatically email receipts to your proxy in your home department to ensure receipt transmission