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Travel Awareness Briefing (60 minutes)

This webinar provides an overview of safety and security considerations for travelers. Guidance is provided on reducing personal risk as well as responding to security threats. Examples of topics covered include: research and preparation; cultural factors; financial security; hotel, taxi, and ground transportation considerations; and active shooter response. This webinar was designed with staff travelers in mind, but includes guidance, tips, and insights helpful for all.

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Student Travel Awareness Briefing (22 minutes)

This webinar provides guidance on staying safe while traveling. It discusses, for example, pre-travel preparations as well as tactics to reduce personal vulnerability while in transit and abroad. In addition, it provides guidance on how to respond to security threats, such as active shooter situations. This webinar was designed for students but is a helpful resource for all travelers.

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Traveling to and Working in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Every spring, travel preparedness training sessions are held for the Rollins School of Public Health’s (RSPH’s) Global Field Experience program and the Emory Global Health Institute’s (EGHI’s) Global Field Scholars program. The training is focused on work in low- and middle-income countries and covers a range of topics. Slides from the 2018 sessions are posted below.

You can view the full training from 2019 here: 2019 Pre-Departure Training Workshop Recording (3 Hours)

RSPH and EGHI welcome participants from other programs to these training sessions. Please contact Global Services for more information: