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Hosting visitors on a longterm basis or as part of a grant

If you are hosting an international visitor as part of a sponsored program or grant contract, there are some unique considerations and needs for Emory’s longer-term guests that sponsoring departments will encounter as part of ensuring a smooth and productive visit.

Travel & lodging

Any department arranging travel for international guests should use Emory's Travel Information Center. For Emory short-term guests, Emory has discount rates with several Atlanta-area hotels.

For longer-term guests, options available for lodging include:

Health insurance

Emory encourages all international scholars and visitors arriving under partnership agreements to invest in health insurance, and valid health insurance is a legal requirement for J-1 exchange visitors. Learn more >>

Some MOUs also include a requirement that visiting scholars have valid health insurance for travel to Emory. Please consult with your program’s administrator regarding the requirements of the partnership agreement.

Please contact ISSS for information on various health insurance providers.

Paying Emory tuition, fees, scholarships, or wages

All foreign nationals receiving income from U.S. sources are subject to special U.S. tax withholding and reporting regulations. Any international visitor or employee in H-1B, TN, O-1, or J-1 status who is receiving any type of remuneration from Emory University for services offered should contact Emory’s Nonresident Tax Services team to start the process for determining proper tax treatment and any available tax treaty benefits.

Knowing tax liabilities for visitors hosted by Emory will allow sponsoring departments to appropriately plan project budgets. Employee wages can only be paid to foreign nationals who have been granted appropriate employment authorization and visa immigration status by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Campus transportation

Emory has an extensive shuttle system for visitors to utilize while on campus.

Conflict of interest waivers

Please review conflict of interest information and requirements for any international visitors hosted by Emory through a partnership agreement or who will be conducting research or working on a sponsored grant.

Accessing the Emory library system

A departmental advisor or sponsor of a long-term international guest at Emory can contact that department’s human resources representative and request that the guest be added into the HR system using the hiring code “hired w/o compensation,” which will automatically register that guest in the HR system and generate an Emory ID with library access.  Learn more >>

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