Op-ed: Losing our competitive edge is not just about international students — it's about us, too

By: Deborah Bruner, senior vice president for research, and Philip Wainwright, vice provost of global strategy and initiatives

"You probably know the potential plight of international students by now — how the pandemic, and politics, puts student visas at risk. And even if they get a visa, can they gain entrance to the United States?   

Yes, it would be a loss for these students not to study here. Through matriculation at universities such as Emory, Harvard, Duke, MIT and UCLA, they gain a worldview and build vitae that will serve them well. Graduate students and postdocs get the opportunity to work in well-equipped university labs seeking solutions to the world’s thorniest problems.

But we aren’t going to plead the case of international students. We’re going to plead ours."

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