image of food stalls on city street in Beijing

China at a glance


Mandarin is the official language of China. Cantonese is widely spoken in the Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macao and is widely spoken among Chinese communities overseas.


The Chinese adhere to a Gregorian calendar, but the traditional lunisolar calendar plays an important role in determining traditional holidays and in selecting the most propitious days for weddings, funerals, and sometimes beginning a business. All of China falls into a single standard time zone of UTC+8:00.


A massive country, China is home to a range of climates that are comparable to those found in the U.S. or Europe.


China has a socialist market economy, the second largest in the world by nominal GDP.

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While this guide strives to present as much information as possible to enable the Emory community to better conduct research, service, and training programs in China, it is not comprehensive.

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