Cover Story

Without Borders

Mapping the future of Emory's relationship with Brazil. Story

Politics and Society

Arts and Culture

  • Restoring the House of Rejoicing The Carlos Museum teams up with the Met to save an ancient Egyptian palace-city from destruction with help from cutting-edge surveying technology, Google Earth, and a hot-air balloon.
  • Boundaries Blurred A semester in Hong Kong.
  • Life beyond the Fatwa For the first time, Salman Rushdie recounts his years in hiding in his new memoir.
  • In Short Arts and culture news briefs from around Emory


High Impact

Don Stein's groundbreaking research could transform how traumatic brain injuries are treated around the world. Story

Moving Forward, Postconflict

Anthropologist Bruce Knauft reimagines the future of 'states at risk.' Story

Health and Science


  • Marketing Legend, Cultural Ambassador Goizueta Business School's Jagdish Sheth receives the 2012 Marion V. Creekmore Award for Internationalization.
  • The Right Touch The 2012 recipient of the Sheth Distinguished International Alumni Award expands the role of nurses in the Caribbean.
  • The Globetrotter The man behind Emory's first international recruitment strategy
  • Kudos Kristi Hubbard, Sheila Tefft, Jericho Brown