From the Vice Provost

Philip WainwrightIt is a busy and exciting time for the Office of International Affairs as we prepare to lead an effort to revisit and further develop strategies to support Emory's global activity and the internationalization of our campus. The previous international plan was formulated in 2005, and given changes that have taken place at Emory, in the global environment, and in higher education, it is certainly time for Emory to have a broad discussion about its international profile, presence, and ambitions.

Although Emory’s international activities and opportunities are extensive, the bigger picture has changed substantially in the last decade. Given that resources are scarcer and the need to operate successfully internationally more urgent, any strategy must focus on effective and coordinated use of existing structures and resources, as well as greater creativity and cooperation.  

Emory faculty will and should continue to pursue their interests across the globe. But to be most effective as an institution, Emory must make choices about how and where to concentrate its efforts. These areas of concentration should be areas of strength where there is already significant activity and where there are opportunities that Emory is particularly suited to take advantage of.  

As we launch this planning process, I firmly believe that broad input from the Emory community will enable us to identify the most important needs and opportunities for Emory. During the next few months, I look forward to hearing from many of you about your creative ideas to further internationalization at Emory.  

Philip Wainwright
Vice Provost for International Affairs
Director, Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning

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