Cover Story

North Korea in Mourning

Last December, Emory alumnus Jongdae Kim attended the funeral of Kim Jong Il. These are his personal reflections on the experience. Story

Politics and Society

Health and Science

  • Stopping the Outbreak Uriel Kitron uses GIS technology to help control the spread of disease
  • ARC of Progress Nurses take charge of their regulation in sub-Saharan Africa
  • In Short Health and science news briefs from around Emory


On the Ground

A new program at Emory is training the next generation of development leaders to face our toughest global challenges, from gender inequality to climate change. Story

A Few Steps Ahead

Carlos del Rio first came to Emory as a budding cardiologist in the early 1980s. Then the AIDS epidemic hit. Story

Arts and Culture


  • Kudos Mariangela Jordan 12C, Bobby Jones Scholars, Dana Toy 12C, James Flannery, Guggenheim Fellows
  • Beyond the Land of the Living Fossils A day in the life of Maya Rao 09C 14PH, a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar