World map with Emory strategy countries highlighted - Ethiopia, India, South Korea, China, Brazil

Emory's Five Strategy Countries

Emory’s international work extends to over 140 countries and will continue to have a broad and growing impact. In order to best leverage the partnerships and connections established all over the world, Emory has identified geographic focal points that offer ripe opportunities for Emory to maximize its impact abroad in areas that have existing networks and infrastructure for growth. By identifying specific focal points for engagement, Emory will gain recognition that will strengthen its foundation for even broader international growth in the future.

Emory's broad international engagement means that as a university, it is critical to take a strategic approach to growing Emory's global reach by expanding capacity in locations that have existing partnerships upon which the university's efforts can grow.

As the Emory global strategy was developed, the Global Strategy Development Taskforce and the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI) identified five countries with existing presence and opportunity for growth to concentrate international efforts: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, and South Korea. The Emory global strategy intends to build on Emory's presence in these locations as the broader global networks continue to grow.

Geographical priorities enable the university to invest in relationships and to elevate Emory’s reputation abroad. By focusing on cultivating university, funding, and government partners, Emory is able to leverage its reputation and resources to better support faculty research and to recruit the best local students and faculty collaborators. Additionally, focusing on specific areas enables Emory to put in place appropriate business and administrative support in-country. Emory activities across schools and fields reinforce local awareness of Emory and its achievements.

Determining the places of greatest strategic importance to Emory was a balance of assessing current engagement and future potential. Current Emory engagement abroad ranges across research, educational programs, fundraising, alumni activity, faculty and staff travel, and student recruitment. The Emory Global Engagement Map demonstrates areas of concentrated activity and offers a more granular perspective on Emory's wide international network and in the five strategic countries.