Global Engagement Map documents faculty activity abroad

The Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI) has launched a new global engagement map documenting the breadth of faculty expertise and engagement in countries outside the United States.

“Faculty want to know who else is working where they’re working, and that can be a challenge to figure out, especially across schools,” says Chris Rapalje, director of programs and services in GSI. “This map builds on data from the Emory Global Health Institute's (EGHI) Global Engagement Directory, an extensive effort to track Emory's activity across the world.”

The interactive map and associated database, an initiative stemming from Emory’s global strategies, is part of a larger effort to leverage existing strengths and accelerate the university’s global impact.

“It’s about collaboration as much as strategic use of resources,” says Philip Wainwright, vice provost for global strategy and engagement. “Deb Bruner [Robert W. Woodruff professor of nursing] has a relatively new project she’s starting in Ethiopia. We have 61 people who’ve already reported expertise and engagement in Ethiopia, which Emory has designated a strategy country. She came to us and asked who else was already there. We hadn’t launched the map at that point, but with great help from the Global Health Institute we’d assembled the data. Deb wanted to start a discussion about how they might work together, so we invited all the Ethiopia-focused faculty to come together so they could meet with each other and begin to discuss shared challenges and opportunities. 

“Sometimes the opportunities are as simple as a couple of projects teaming up to share shipping costs on equipment they’re sending overseas. Other times, it’s about uncovering opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, or coming together to overcome long-term challenges. Information-sharing and the brainstorming that comes with it is where Emory has the opportunity to really innovate and grow our global impact.”

There are two versions of the map available. The public map allows users to view de-identified data and search by country, region, school, or department. Faculty and senior leaders might call it up during a presentation to show that Emory College of Arts and Sciences faculty have very strong expertise or engagement with the United Kingdom, India, China, and France, or that the School of Law has strong expertise or engagement with China.

The secure view of the map facilitates a deeper dive. After entering an Emory login and password, either on campus or via VPN, Emory community members can pull up who specifically is working in a particular region and what their self-reported areas of expertise are.

 GSI plans to build on the current map structure to continue highlighting Emory’s global engagement – visualizing everything from institutional partnerships to the location of study abroad programs and the home countries of our international student and scholar populations.

If you have a data update regarding your listing in the global engagement map and database, please submit it here