Recent Faculty and Staff Fulbright Recipients




2014-2015 Czech Republic

Barbara Ladd
Professor of English
American Literature and Literary History
Charles University

2014-2015 Indonesia Florian Pohl
Associate Professor of Religion
On the Role and Function of Comparative Religious Studies in Islamic Higher Education
Walisongo State Institute for Islamic Studies
2014-2015 Colombia Mark Sanders
Professor of African American Studies
Literacy and Print Culture in Afro-Colombia
University of the Andes Colombia
2013-2014 Georgia Carla Berg
Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Rollins School of Public Health
Tobacco Control among Youth in Georgia
Tbilisi State Medical University
2013-2014 Germany Joseph Crespino
Associate Professor of History
Race, Rights, and Political Ideology in the Post-World War II United States
University of Tuebingen
2013-2014 Poland Jason Francisco
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
Alive and Destroyed
Galicia Jewish Museum
2013-2014 Cote d'Ivoire Lawrence Jackson
Professor of English
Teaching American Literature in Cote d'Ivoire
University of Bouake
2013-2014 India Holli Semetko
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Media & International Affairs
India-U.S. Relations: Broadening the Concept
Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
2012-2013 Austria Peter Hoyng
Associate Professor of German Studies
Reading Beethoven's Readings: His Intellectual Life in Vienna
International Research Center for Cultural Studies
2012-2013 Uganda Sidney Kasfir
Professor Emeritus of Art History
Makerere University
2012-2013 Indonesia Charlotte McDaniel
Faculty Associate, Center for the Study of Law & Religion
Specialist Program: Global Health
Hasanuddin University
2011-2012 India Diane Kempler
Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts
Tradition and Modernity: Ceramics in India
Sanskriti Pratishthan
2011-2012 Tunisia Charlotte McDaniel
Faculty Associate, Center for the Study of Law & Religion
Specialist Program: Business Administration
University of Sfax
2011-2012 Czech Republic Mark Risjord
Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy and the Social Sciences
University of Hradec Kralove
2010-2011 Pakistan David Hanson
Associate Vice President for Administration
Specialist Program: Business Administration
Forman Christian College
2010-2011 Canada Bobby Khan
Director, Cardiovascular Research, Grady Memorial Hospital
Specialist Program: Global Health
University of Prince Edward Island
2010-2011 Germany Laura Otis
Professor of English
Thinking with Images, Thinking with Words
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
2010-2011 Netherlands Lee Pasackow
Goizueta Business Librarian
Specialist Program: Librarian
Maastricht University
2009-2010 Germany Stefan Boettcher
Associate Professor of Physics
Analysis of Spin Glasses and NP-hard Combinatorial Problems
Otto Von Guerick University of Magdeburg
2009-2010 Hungary Thomas Burns
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of History
Using Religion and Environmental Factors in Hungary to Illustrate Early European History
University of Pecs
2009-2010 South Korea Kenya Casey
Seminar Program: International Education
2008-2009 Turkey Louise Horney
Professor Emeritus, Geriatrics, School of Medicine
Geriatric Medicine: Preparing Today's Doctors for Tomorrow's Patients
Ankara University
2008-2009 Turkey Lee Pasackow
Goizueta Business Librarian
Specialist Program: Librarian
Koc University Istanbul
2007-2008 Japan Gary Laderman
Professor of Religion
Nanzan University
2007-2008 Democratic Republic of the Congo Dianne Dakité (Stewart)
Associate Professor of Religion
Local and Transnational Legacies of African Christianity in West-Central Africa and the Black Atlantic World
Catholic Faculties of Kinshasa
2007-2008 Chile Michael Kuhar
Research Professor, Division of Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Disorders, Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Specialist Program: Public Health
Catholic University of Chile
2007-2008 Sweden Charlotte McDaniel
Specialist Program: Public Health
Jonkoping University
2006-2007 China Cai Rong
Associate Professor of Chinese
The Representation of History in Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture
Beijing Normal University
2006-2007 India Julia Kjelgaard
Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts
In the Midst of Change, Storefronts and Rituals of South India
Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
2006-2007 Israel Jeffrey Lesser
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of History
The Pacific Rim in the Atlantic World: Asians in the Americas
Tel Aviv University
2006-2007 Japan Mark Ravina
Professor of History
Imagining a Comity of Nations: The Japanese Nation-State and World Society
International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2005-2006 Argentina Kristin Wendland
Senior Lecturer, Music Theory
From Argentina to the World: Tango in the United States
Catholic University of Argentina
2004-2005 Taiwan Tonio Andrade
Professor of History
Sino-European Co-Colonization in East and Southeast Asia, 1500-1750
Academia Sinica
2004-2005 Thailand Reynaldo Martorell
Specialist Program: Public Health
Mahidol University
2004-2005 Uruguay Patrick Noonan
Specialist Program: Business Administration
ORT University
2003-2004 India Laurie Patton
Associate Professor of Early Indian Religions
Grandmother Language: Women, Religion, and Sanskrit in Maharashtra and Beyond
Deccan College
2003-2004 Japan Philip Wainwright
Seminar Program: International Education
2002-2003 Finland Charlotte McDaniel
Director, Contextual Education Program, Candler School of Theology
Ethics and Administration in Health Care and Organizational Ethics in Finnish Hospitals
University of Turku
2002-2003 Ukraine Olenka Pevny
Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Humanities, Art History
Early Christian and Byzantine Art and Architecture
Taras Shevchenko Kiev University
2001-2002 Canada David Bederman
K.H. Gyr Professor in Private International Law, School of Law
Distinguished Lectureship: Law
York University
2001-2002 United Kingdom James Flannery
Winship Professor of Arts and Humanities, Irish Studies
Lecturing and Research: Theater
University of Ulster
2000-2001 Jamaica Edna Bay
Professor of African and Interdisciplinary Studies
Gender in Africa: The Cultures of Post-Emancipation African Immigrants to 19th-Century Jamaica
University of the West Indies
2000-2001 Brazil Jeff Lesser
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of History
Immigration and Ethnicity: A Multicultural History of the U.S.; New Faces of Discrimination in Sao Paulo
University of Sao Paulo
2000-2001 France Donald Stein
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Emergency Medicine
Studies of the Molecular Biology of Progesterone and Its Relation to Mophological and Functional Recovery after Brain Damage
National Institute of Health and Medical Research
1999-2000 Belgium Lucas Carpenter
Candler Professor of English, Oxford College
American Literature
Catholic University of Leuven
1999-2000 Italy Dan Carter
William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of History
History of the American South
University of Genoa
1999-2000 Netherlands William Gunther
Arthur J. Moore Associate Professor of Evangelism, Candler School of Theology
John Wesley and the 18th Century
Leiden University
1999-2000 Israel Laurie Patton
Associate Professor of Early Indian Religions
Teaching and Research in Indian Religions
Tel Aviv University
1998-1999 Spain Peter Bakewell
Professor of History
A Personal and Political Biography of Don Francisco de Toledo, Fifth Viceroy of Peru, 1569-81
University of Salamanca
1998-1999 Italy Elizabeth Whitaker
Research Associate, Anthropology
The Transformation of Medicine in Fascist Italy
University of Bologna