Halle-FCHI Undergraduate Research Fellows announced

The Halle Institute for Global Research and Learning and the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI) offer fellowships to support research outside the United States for juniors in any school (Arts and Sciences, Business, Nursing) contemplating honors theses or other types of senior capstone projects. The international research portion of the fellowship will be followed by participation in the vibrant research community of Emory faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars based at the FCHI and The Halle Institute.

Congratulations to the 2018 Fellows

Conducting Research, Summer 2018; and Fellows at the Center, Fall 2018

BATTERMAN, Christopher         Music and Psychology   

Il Guarany: Indianismo and Brazilian national identity in the music of Antônio Carlos Gomes

CONTI, Bea                            History and English        

The Sassoon Family: Jewish Engagement with British Imperialism and the Opium Trade

GONZALEZ, Daniella               Spanish and Portuguese and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology         

Legislation regarding family planning and its lasting effects on the perception of preventive healthcare

LLOVET, Alexandra                  Spanish and Portuguese and Biology      

Perception and Representation of Hansen’s Disease Patients in Brazil

MCGHEE, Cana                       Music and French          

The Sound of a Nation: How Symbolist Poetry and French Art Song Affected the French Language

REED-GUEVARA, Camila          Classics and Philosophy

Seneca’s Stoicism:  The Ancient Case for the Unethical Nature of Slavery and the Divine Right to an Education

SHUSTER, Zach                      Jewish Studies  

Rashi’s Influence on the Wycliffite Translations of the Psalms                                        

STEKL, Misha                         Philosophy and Comparative Literature 

The (Trans-)Valuation of Knowledge in Nietzsche and Foucault