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Chinese Culture Exploratorium

Several Chinese professors at Emory have used the Chinese Culture Exploratorium as part of their course curricula.

Chinese Culture Exploratorium opens 

The Chinese Culture Exploratorium (CCE) opened in Emory’s Robert W. Woodruff Library this spring. Funded by a grant from the Confucius Institute in Atlanta, the exhibit uses multimedia to enhance learning and promote understanding of Chinese culture. Four stations with 10 interactive modules provide information on traditional Chinese art forms, cuisine, and language. Visitors can also take a virtual tour of various provinces in China. “The CCE has expanded the student learning experience beyond the traditional classroom,” says Rong Cai, director of the Confucius Institute. “It provides an opportunity for students interested in exploring China to acquire knowledge of Chinese language, culture, and society through an innovative new platform.” 

Festival highlights Asian musical traditions

In February, Emory’s Asian Music Festival highlighted the traditions of Indonesia, Korea, North and South India, and China and Tibet. Seven Asian music ensembles in the Emory World Music Program performed as part of the four-day event. Housed in the Department of Music, the World Music Program offers academic courses on ethnomusicology and technical training for performance in the world music ensembles.

German Studies department named Center of Excellence 

Emory’s Department of German Studies was recently named a German Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German. The department has seen a steady rise in enrollment during the past six years, with a record-high 400 students this year. Emory’s program is one of only two postsecondary institutions in the nation to be honored with the designation, which evaluates curriculum, faculty credentials and development, extracurricular activities, and growth and support. 

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