Conferences and Events

Browse the archives below for information on conferences and events the Halle Institute has sponsored since 2011. For information on upcoming events, please visit the global news center.

Protocol & Diplomacy International - Protocol Officers Association Atlanta Workshop
Beyond Diplomacy: Opportunities for US-China Cooperation on Climate Change
Shakespeare and Accessibility Symposium
US-China Young Scholars Forum
Climate Change and Humanitarian Aid
Emory Ethiopia Symposium
Remaking the Social Contract in Russia and China
China: Tradition and Transformation

Can the Native Christian Speak? Discerning the Voices of Indigenous Christians in Missionary and Colonial Archives
The Financial Crisis: What Happened? (Or, the Next Financial Crisis) - VIDEO
Twenty Years Later: South Africa and the Post-Apartheid Condition
TEDxEmory 2014

2013 India Summit
Migration, Memory, and Diversity in Germany
Sex, Gender, and Society: Rethinking Modern Japanese Feminisms
TEDxEmory 2013

TEDxEmory 2012
The Fulcrum of the Pivot: ASEAN at the Center of 21st-Century Global Business and Politics - VIDEO
Development, Health, and Humanitarian Crises in Post-Colonial Africa
Cartooning for Peace and Health

Emerging India Summit
Geriatric Nephrology in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities
Translational Treatments: Advances in Renal Transplantation
What Should We Really Expect from Macroeconomic Policy?
Sea Rovers, Silk, and Samurai: Maritime China in Global History
Re-Generation: Envisioning New Relations to Media, Civics, Work, and Learning
Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Reconsidering the "German Jew" in America: Images and Identities
The Revolution of 1911 & Its Impact on Political, Economic, and Social Developments in Mainland China and Taiwan - VIDEO